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POS Services - professional point of sale services and onsite POS supportWe Are The POS Service Experts

As we continue to grow, our ability to offer you more services grows as well. With the addition of our new facility, we now have more space, more technicians and a larger, more experienced and full-time POS service team to serve you. Our team provides point of sale implementation, lifecycle management services, onsite POS support and much more.

How Can We Help You Grow Your Business?

With Professional POS Services that include:

Project Management

Based on scope and size, we assign a dedicated Project Manager to manage your task. As a single point of contact between your internal staff and our technical team, they will develop a project plan that includes measurable deliverables and milestones which are periodically updated throughout the implementation of your project.


Leave the technical details to our experienced team of experts. We will custom design, deploy, stage and create inventory strategies to meet your individual project needs. Includes, onsite POS preparation, hardware staging and software imaging.


Once your POS systems are installed and implemented, we offer comprehensive training to help you and your employees get the most out of your hardware and software solution with over-the-phone training options available 24/7, or onsite POS training at your location performed by our certified technicians.

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Need POS Service To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Hardware?

We offer complete Lifecycle Management Services that include:

End-to-End POS Service Hardware Maintenance

As certified partners with NCR, IBM, and HP, we often know in advance when your hardware is nearing end-of-life status, and we have the ability to extend the life of your POS hardware with upgrades and repairs.

Data Destruction

To protect your sensitive business data that may be left on used hard drives, we utilize a 7-pass overwrite protocol originally developed by the Department of Defense to securely wipe all data. Serial numbers are recorded and all failing hard drives are properly destroyed. You'll receive a log of the wipe procedure and a Certificate of Destruction for each hard drive processed to insure compliance.

Reverse Logistics

When you want to replace your end-of-life POS hardware, our team of project managers and POS service technicians help to coordinate the removal of the old systems and help install the new hardware. Your unwanted equipment is disposed of, or recycled if you prefer.

Sell Us Your Used POS

When it's time to say goodbye to your legacy systems, we'll buy it back from you, and even arrange to pay the freight charges. Start here »

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How Can We Help You Service Your Existing POS Hardware?

With high-quality POS Repair Services that include:

Onsite POS Technicians

Having trouble with your point of sale hardware or software? Our onsite POS technicians in Chicago, West Palm Beach or Tampa can quickly diagnose and fix almost any problem onsite. Contact us today for details »

In-House Repair

If your POS hardware needs to be repaired, Resource POS is a full-service, vendor certified and approved repair shop. Whether you're in Chicago, West Palm Beach or Tampa our experienced team of POS service technicians are available to help get your machines – and your business – back up and running as quickly as possible. Learn more »

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