Our History

Our History - POS systems in Chicago and Tampa point of sale servicesReSource POS Systems Chicago and Beyond

Since 2003, ReSource POS (Point of Sale) LLC has grown from just one person in Chicago to a full staff of certified technicians and service experts.

Now Offering West Palm Beach and Tampa-Based Point of Sale Support

With offices in both Illinois and Florida, our expertise with POS systems in Chicago has expanded to include a Tampa point of sale help desk office to cover the needs of customers in south Florida.

Our growth is fueled by our passion for providing excellent customer service and offering the highest-quality repair on a wide range of POS systems in Chicago, and nationwide.

In 2007, when we implemented an oracle-based ERP solution, it radically improved all of our company's processes. And not only did this set us apart from the competition, it allowed us to offer integration, transparency and Web-based account control to every customer.

Soon after, we established strong business partnerships with the top manufacturers in the marketplace, including HP, IBM, Microsoft and NCR.

In 2012, we moved into our state-of-the-art 27,000-square-foot certified repair center located in Chicago.

Now, with the support of these key manufacturers and distribution partners, ReSource POS has emerged as a leader in the industry, and that means we can provide you with an even bigger advantage in terms of service, solutions and affordability.

Located now in Chicago, West Palm Beach and Tampa, Resource Point of Sale offers superior POS systems and support.